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Nairobi on Edge Following Tense Security Advisories for Foreigners

Nairobi is on edge security-wise after the United States and France issued tense security advisories for their citizens living and visiting Kenya, warning of the threat of imminent terrorist attacks, especially in Nairobi. The security advisories have put Nairobi on edge as they indicate that there is believable and credible intelligence that terrorists could be planning to attack tourist-prone areas in the city.

Kenya as a Target of the Al-Shabaab

Kenya has been a victim of terrorist attacks in the past and most have targeted places frequented by foreign nationals, especially westerners. The Al-Shabaab, a splinter terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda that is based in Somalia, is believed to be relentlessly planning attacks in Kenya. The group is believed to be particularly unhappy with Kenya’s participation in the war against terrorism in Somalia.

Retaliation for US and French Anti-Terrorism Efforts in Africa

Moreover, the group is also believed to be unhappy with the resources and attacks mounted against it and its parent terrorist group Al-Qaeda by the United States and France in particular, in Africa and the Middle East. France has been particularly instrumental in fighting terrorism in the Sahel and the US has consistently attacked Al-Shabaab assets via drone strikes.

Foreigners Urged to Keep Away from Places they would Normally Frequent

The two nations have come out clearly to warn their citizens to keep away from tourist-frequented areas like hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants saying that they should remain vigilant and stay away for a while, particularly throughout this weekend.

US Security Advisory. Nairobi on Edge Following Tense Security Advisories for Foreigners
US Security Advisory warning of an increasing terror threat in Nairobi. Source: US Embassy Website.

The Kenyan Government Heightens its Defenses

The government of Kenya, on its part, has come out to assure all people, citizens and foreigners alike, that it is on top of the situation and that it has increased its defenses. However, Kenya has been known to fail security-wise in the past and all people in the country must remain extra vigilant. According to the foreign advisories, this time of the year is particularly volatile when it comes to terrorist activities in the region, calling for heightened security awareness.

Statement by the Kenyan Police. Nairobi on Edge Following Tense Security Advisories for Foreigners
Statement by the Kenyan Police assuring all people that security has been heightened in Nairobi.

A Brutal and Radical Al-Shabaab

The Al-Shabaab is infamously brutal and will attack anything and everything they believe to be against their cause. They are fanatics and have been known to recruit very intelligent people, including Kenyans and foreigners, and radicalize them to do their dirty work. With that said, be very careful, stay indoors if you can, and please be sure to report anything suspicious to the authorities. Hate and intolerance will never win. Stay safe and stay vigilant.

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