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Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Fraud

The founder of Theranos Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 20 years in prison for fraud and several other counts of financial crimes. She founded the company Theranos, a tech company that promised machines that could perform multiple blood tests on a single drop of blood.

Theranos’s ‘Blood Machine’

The concept of Theranos’s machine was revolutionary as it takes at least a test tube of blood to test for several things including blood sugar, proteins in the blood, infections, the number of red and white cells, plasma, etc. These tests are crucial to diagnosing diseases or checking the health of one’s blood and overall health.

Why Theranos’s Machine Couldn’t Work

A Single Drop of Blood just isn’t Enough for Conducting Multiple Tests

Theranos was a company founded on the lie that a machine the size of a brick could perform multiple tests simultaneously on just a single drop of blood. According to specialists, just a single drop of blood can’t be used to test numerous aspects of one’s health through the composition of the drop of blood.

A Significant Amount of Blood Needed for Multiple Tests

The truth, however, is that it takes significant amounts of blood to perform numerous tests. The main reason being just a single drop does not have enough volume of substances such as proteins to allow for results that would ascertain credible and reliable results. For instance, when testing for blood protein to check whether one has enough blood proteins, a single drop of blood would not be enough as it may lack enough volume to ascertain whether one has enough proteins in their blood.

Varying Constituent Amounts in a Single Drop of Blood

Moreover, a single drop may contain varying amounts of each of the constituents of blood where some may be more or less, thus unreliable in representing one’s overall blood constituents and their existence or volume.

Possible Sample Contamination During Tests

The other reason why a single drop of blood is not enough is due to the possible contamination of the drop of blood during testing. For instance, certain blood tests require that blood is mixed with other compounds to produce results. As such, just using a single drop could mean that it could get terminated during a particular test, and therefore unusable for other tests.

Theranos’s Lie Exposed

Medical specialists eventually poked holes in Theranos’s allegations saying that what the company promised was yet to become possible. They indicated that it takes sizeable machines to conduct even a single test with the smallest one much larger than the size Theranos was promising to build.

Theranos was a company founded on a lie and it all came crumbling down in 2018.

A Deceptively Persuasive Holmes

Theranos’ promise was a hoax right from the beginning. Even so, numerous individuals, entities, and companies invested heavily in Theranos due to the persuasiveness of the company’s founder Elizabeth Holmes and the show she put on for investors. Holmes presented herself as a Silicon Valley revolutionary with claims that she even went as far as to fake and deepen her voice to fit the Silicon Valley C.E.O stereotype. Even more, investigators revealed that she orchestrated manipulated demonstrations to buy in investors and defraud them of their money in the name of investments.

20 Years in Prison for Elizabeth Holmes on Fraud Charges

Elizabeth Holmes was this week sentenced to 20 years in prison after being found guilty on multiple counts of fraud. She will go down in history as a terrible example of what an entrepreneur should be and stand for. Her lie was not going to last forever and her story acts as a stark warning to wannabe investors who promise to build products that are just not possible to conjure up. In Theranos’s case, the technology is just not there yet.

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