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Kenyan MP Fatuma Gedi Accused of Distributing Money in Parliament to Sway Bill Voting

Wajir MP Fatuma Gedi came under fire when she was accused of distributing money in parliament to sway MPs’ votes on the Political Parties Amendment Bill of 2021. Ms. Gedi (pictured above) was sent away as was her staunchest critic, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro
Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

The bill in question has instigated heated exchanges in parliament even causing fistfights among MPs. The proponents of the bill, Raila Odinga’s supporters have been doing all they can to ensure the opposers, Ruto’s supporters fail in their bid to shoot the bill down.

Bribery Allegations against Ms. Gedi

Fatuma Gedi in last week’s session was seen distributing something in parcels. According to her, she was distributing “sweets” as the members’ “sugar levels were low.” However, UDA MPs accused her of distributing KES 10 million in parliament as a way to bribe MPs to vote for the bill. The heated exchange that ensued led to both Gedi and Nyoro being suspended from parliament for a day.

A Deep Distortion of Democracy and the Sanctity of the August House

If the allegations are true then Ms. Gedi’s actions are beyond despicable. They are a deep distortion of the values of democracy and the sanctity of the august house. Corruption investigators should look into the matter and if Ms. Gedi is found culpable she should face the full force of the law.

An Already Intense Political Season

The political season is just about to kick off in Kenya, as the 2022 General Elections draw near. As such, folly as it may be, it can be expected that the political tension will flare up even more as Baba and Ruto face off for the top seat. Our only hope is that all parties maintain peace and that the electoral body, IEBC, undertakes fair, credible, and free elections.

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