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365 Days: This Day

365 Days: This Day is a 2022 movie about a mafia boss’s wife who runs away after she finds her husband cheating. The film stars Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who plays Laura Biel, Michele Morrone, who plays Don Massimo, and Simone Susinna, who plays Nacho.

Massimo and Laura in 365 Days - This Day
Massimo and Laura in 365 Days: This Day. Laura runs away when she finds her husband cheating or was he?

Probably one of the raunchiest movies we’ve ever watched, the movie is so dirty that we recommend not watching it at all. It has no clear story and is more of a sexual expression of art and love. To get the full scoop, it’s rather you watch 365 Days; it’s a 2020 prequel to understand what’s happening.

Disclaimer: This movie is highly sexualized and should only be watched by mature audiences.

365 Days (2020)

Massimo, a mafia boss, kidnaps a sales director Laura and holds her for a year, as a ploy to have her fall in love with him. The story develops after Massimo’s father is shot to death, with him also shot and almost dying. Laura is the last person he sees before almost dying. He then sees her years later at the airport while she is taking a trip to Sicily. Massimo asks her to stay with him for a year and if she doesn’t fall in love with him, he’ll let her go. She, however, refuses and he kidnaps her.

365 Days
365 Days is a 2020 prequel to the 365 Days: This Day movie. Watch it before watching part two to get the gist of the story.

365 Days: This Day (Part 2: 2022)

Massimo and Laura are in love and get married. They have a very strange and sexy relationship but it hits the rocks when Laura finds Massimo cheating with another woman. She immediately escapes and ends up going away with their gardener, Nacho. However, after some time, Laura realizes that Nacho is not who he says he is. In the end, she also finds out that maybe what she saw wasn’t really what she thought it was but it’s too late.

365 Days - This Day (365 Days Part 2)
365 Days: This Day is a 2022 sequel to the 2020 365 Days Movie. It’s highly sexualized and we do not recommend it for non-mature audiences.

Our Rating 

A heavily sexualized movie for no good reason. The dialogue is also somewhat flaky as it feels unnatural. The movie lacks clear direction and we are left with the feeling of why the movie had to be made in the first place. We rate it 5/10 for how poorly the storyline is executed. It was a difficult watch since it was so heavily sexualized and we must warn you that it’s rated to be watched by mature audiences.

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