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Actor Michael K. Williams Found Dead in His New York Apartment

Emmy-nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams was found dead yesterday in his Brooklyn penthouse after an apparent heroin overdose. Michael was best known for his role as Omar Little in the popular TV series ‘The Wire’. Family and friends mourn his death as do fans globally. His rep, Marianna Shafran, confirmed the death on Monday. According to Shafran, Mr. William’s family asked for privacy during this difficult time as they mourn his loss. Michael was a father to one kid, a son named Elijah Williams. Michael was a charismatic actor and wooed fans globally with his authentic style of acting and gangster feel. Fans are distraught and we join them in mourning the loss of the great actor. R.I.P Michael K. Williams. Rest Easy King!

Gone at 54

Michael K. Williams was 54 and was found face down and unconscious. Police pronounced him dead at 2:12 PM on Monday, 6th September, minutes after receiving an emergency call about a man who was “unresponsive” and “cold”. Mr. Williams had admitted struggling with addiction in the past, even as he was shooting for his Omar Little role in ‘The Wire’. Michael had confirmed that the role had affected him in real life and that he feared losing everything he had built due to drug addiction.

Emmy-nominated actor Michael K. Williams. Actor Michael K. Williams Found Dead in His New York Apartment.
Emmy-nominated actor Michael K. Williams. Mr. Williams was a versatile actor who brought his roles to life in a near-real life depiction of their characters. He was beloved to many.


According to the police at the scene, Mr. Williams seemingly overdosed on Heroin. The police said that there were no indications of foul play and that it was an apparent OD. Friends and family arrived at the scene shortly after, mourning his death and consoling each other. Michael was an ardent supporter of minority human rights and used his platform to denounce the mass incarceration of black and minority citizens in the United States. According to him, he wanted to help stop the mass incarceration of black and minority citizens convicted and detained for minor drug-related offenses. Reports by the police indicate that Michael was found by his nephew after he had been slated to attend an event last Saturday but didn’t make it. Follow us on Twitter @maniaincnews for more updates.

No Indications of Foul Play

Police sources indicated that there was “No forced entry, the apartment was in order” and that there was “no foul play indicated.” Michael had seemingly OD’d and the police have started an investigation into the source of the drugs. The last one to two years have been rough, not least for actors and the film industry at large. Reports also indicate that in his last Instagram post, Michael asked his fans not to cry for him posting a clip of fellow entertainer Tracy Morgan. Tracy Morgan in the clip is asking his fans not to cry for him after a near-fatal accident back in 2014. Michael K. Williams had a scar on his face, which he had credited for landing him several roles, most of which were to play gangster roles. Mr. Williams recently played Montrose Freeman in ‘Lovecraft Country‘, landing a 2021 Emmy nomination for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series.

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