Euphoria is a TV drama series by HBO that is about Rue Bennett and her crazy teenage life in high school. The story is about a group of high-school teenagers grappling with life, sex, drugs, and sexuality. It is a very hedonistic series and one that some viewers have called depressing if not, sorry to say, demented. It stars Zendaya who plays Rue.

Viewer Discretion Heavily Advised

Be warned, Euphoria is heavily pornographic in a disgustingly biased way where d*ck pics and penises are portrayed excessively. It is not a series that anyone who’s not a teenager would appreciate and viewers advise total discretion. Euphoria is very explicit and is not something you can watch with anyone under 18. It is rated TV-MA and is strictly only for mature audiences. Be careful not to embarrass yourself before your parents, relatives, or expose your siblings by watching it at home on the TV.

Euphoria is Depressing, No Doubt

Euphoria is depressing no doubt. I personally had to take a break after an episode or two just to plug-in back to reality and not get lost in the depressing themes of the show. It’s a sad depiction of everything that could go wrong with modern teenagers and the Gen Z generation, especially in America.

Scenes from Euphoria Season 2
Scenes from Euphoria Season 2. Here Maddy is arguing with Cassie for stealing her boyfriend. Their friend Kat is in the background watching. She is herself involved in online ‘sexual activities.’ Source: NYT.

Drugs and Hedonism the Order of the Day

Rue is a drug addict who overdoses but still relapses. Her schoolmates are a group of disturbed and traumatized kids who go through sex scandals, sl*t shaming, and abuse/violence. They carelessly engage in these filthy parties where drugs are being taken, sex happening in public, and even college students and predatory men and boys attend. They are exposed to a lot of harm both in their own naiveness and also by the influence of their environments.

Euphoria is More of a ‘What Not to Do’ Series

Euphoria is one of those shows you won’t really gain anything positive from watching but instead will learn what not to do if you’re a teenager. I don’t know where the world is going if that’s how the current situation is and only hope that the same doesn’t happen in reality. Unfortunately, studies indicate that it does and we all need to be increasingly careful what and who we get involved with.

Our Rating

Our rating for Euphoria is 6/10. We are somewhat more disgusted than we are impressed but strangely also looking to root for the characters. That’s the thing with the show; no matter how depressing it is, you wanna keep watching to root for the characters and see them through the issues they are facing. Happy watching but honestly, it won’t be a happy watch.


Is Euphoria Hard to Watch?

Yes. Euphoria is quite hard to watch, especially if you find that you relate to the characters. To avoid any nervous breakdown, please take breaks in-between episodes. You can also choose to watch an episode at a time over a few weeks.

Where to Watch Euphoria Season 2?

You can watch Euphoria on HBO Max. It requires a subscription but you get access to a huge library of TV shows, movies, and documentaries.

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