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I Want You Back

I Want You Back is a 2022 movie that is a rom-com about two friends seeking to reunite with their exes. Peter, played by Charlie Day, and Emma, played by Jenny Slate, are strangers who meet while both distraught after being dumped on the same weekend. They hitch up a plan to break up their now moved-on exes from their new loves. However, the plan ends up with them getting to know each other better and a flame ignites. 

Lost Love

Peter and Emma are both dumped by their partners. They are dumped for different reasons but share the same grief and are distraught about losing love. They take the breakup to heart and are broken down when they see their partners opt to leave. Emma finds it difficult to get over Noah, played by Scott Eastwood, who dumped her because she didn’t have it all together. Peter, on the other hand, is left by Anne who wants a bigger life as a star in Hollywood.

Peter and Anne arguing in I Want You Back
Peter and Anne arguing. Anne wants a big life as a star in Hollywood and feels that Peter is not good enough for her. They break up and eventually reunite but Peter realizes he already found someone new to love.

Let’s Break them Up

Peter and Emma hitch a plan to split their exes from their new partners. Peter befriends Noah and seeks to show him how wonderful Emma is. On the other hand, Emma tries to seduce Anne’s boyfriend and show her how amazing Peter is. They, however, end up with mixed results as Emma succeeds and Peter and Anne get back together while Peter fails as Noah decides that his newfound love, Ginny, is the one.


I Want You Back is a funny movie that ties in the tragedy of heartbreak with a lot of humor. Peter and Emma are both hilarious characters who find themselves becoming good friends while they try and execute their crazy plan to get their exes back.

I Want You Back
I Want You Back is 2022 a rom-com starring Charlie Day and Jenny Slate.

Our Rating

I Want You Back is a good watch, though we don’t feel it was as funny as could have been. The humor in the movie feels authentic and natural, however, and the plot twist at the end makes it all that more worthwhile. We rate the movie 6/10 and we think it’s a good watch. Enjoy.

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