Kimi is a movie about a tech worker, Angela Childs, who discovers a case of abuse and premeditated murder when listening to a voice stream from her voice assistant company’s error commands. Angela seeks justice for the victim but is met with hurdles, the biggest of which is leaving her apartment.

The Amygdala Corporation

Angela Childs, played by Zoe Kravitz, works for the Amygdala Corporation which is the developer of Kimi, a voice assistant device. She suffers from a bad case of Agoraphobia which is the fear of places and situations that may cause embarrassment, helplessness, or panic. Her agoraphobia culminates as a fear of leaving her home and to ensure justice for the victim she overheard being abused and later killed, she has to leave her apartment.

Beating Agoraphobia

Childs decides to actually leave her apartment and visit the company’s offices to deliberate on the matter and call and loop in the authorities. However, when she gets there she discovers that she has become the target herself. The perpetrators, who are closer to Amygdala than she might like to believe, send her mercenaries who attempt to silence her. Unflinching, Angela escapes back to her house where she meets a horrifying surprise.

Zoe Kravitz plays Angela Childs in Kimi
Angela Childs is unable to leave her house due to Agoraphobia. However, she has to in order to seek justice for a victim of abuse and premeditated murder.

A Horrifying Surprise

On successfully getting back home, Angela meets a mercenary in her house who has scoured through her apartment in search of the troublesome voice notes. She quickly hitches a plan to take control of the situation and ends up single-handedly handling the threat. The case is solved and the high-profile perpetrator goes to jail.

Tech for Good?

Kimi is a great movie when it comes to asking all the important questions when it comes to online privacy and the various ways devices that we use all day can be weaponized and used to track us. It looks into how home assistants, for instance, can have access to personal data and the companies behind them, access to recordings. It even talks of long and tedious ‘terms & conditions’ that no one reads and that companies use to unknowingly acquire consent to use personal information in not so personable ways.

Kimi Movie Review by Mania News
Zoe Kravitz plays Angela Childs in Kimi.

Our Rating

Kimi is a thrilling watch especially if you’re a techie. It shows the pitfalls of ‘privacy’ in the tech sector and the various ways it can be breached. Even so, it also shows how devices such as voice assistants can be essential in recording evidence and even help in outwitting attackers and calling for help. We give the movie a 7.5/10 for its freshness and a view into what it really means to be a technology consumer in the 21st century.

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David Mania
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