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Inspired by the life of Jimmy Carrozo who also stars in the movie, ‘Moon Manor’ is the story of a man who chooses to die on his own terms after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which is progressively getting worse. Jimmy chooses to die via aid in death where he seeks helpers to assist him to end his own life.

Disclaimer: Sensitive Topic

The movie Moon Manor discusses the sensitive topic of death and one choosing to die on their own terms. It may even be taken as promoting near end-life suicide as Jimmy decides to take his own life. We must, however, vehemently condemn suicide and state that we do not in any way believe that suicide is the way to go. We are reviewing Moon Manor as a work of art and in no way advocating for anyone to take their own life whether they have a terminal illness or not. Life is worth living and we believe in leaving death to its own time. We also strongly advocate for mental health awareness and seeking professional help when feeling overwhelmed.

Going on My Own Terms

Jimmy chooses to die on his own terms and not wait for the unknown date or time to die. As an old man suffering from Alzheimer’s, he feels that his time has come and that if he cannot live his life to the fullest, then he would rather die. He recruits Fritti to help him die.

Jimmy and his death helper Fritti
Jimmy and his death helper Fritti.

Jimmy’s FUN-eral

He seeks the help of a death helper and holds a funeral that he terms a ‘FUN-eral’ where he invites his closest friends to celebrate his last day with him. They party all night until Jimmy retires to the room in which he has chosen to die. The movie also touches on the importance of lifelong friendships, the concept of same-sex love, and the inevitability of sibling rivalry.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Jimmy’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse and he describes it best. He says that having Alzheimer’s is like having one’s life in a drawer with all the shelves in place and in order, containing the moments and memories one has lived. On getting the disease, the shelves start disappearing to the point that there is no drawer at all. Jimmy believes that rather than wait for even the drawer to disappear, he’d rather choose to die and do it on his own terms. Terminal illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia can inhibit everyday functionality.

The Question of Aid in Death and Euthanasia

Legally, some conditions, including terminal illnesses, allow for aid in death where an individual can be assisted to end his or her own life. However, Alzheimer’s is not one of them even as it is a terminal illness. The question of whether to choose to die when suffering a terminal illness, we believe, is a personal one. Euthanasia or mercy-killing we also believe, should be a personal choice of the individual or the choice of their loved ones who they have consented to choose for them if they themselves do not have the capacity to decide. Life is wonderful and even though one may be ailing and ill with a terminal illness, we believe that one should still choose to continue living as everything happens for a reason.

Moon Manor
Moon Manor tackles the question of life and death with a twist on choice.

Our Rating

We rate Moon Manor a solid 7/10 due to its intimacy in the sense that it lets us into Jimmy’s death. It’s important to note that Jimmy does not actually die and that the movie is a work of fiction. However, it comes across and feels like an intimate experience as we get to know Jimmy, how he led his life, and ultimately, how he chooses to die.

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