Another Sci-Fi epic, Moonfall is a 2022 movie about a falling moon and the devastation it causes to the earth’s atmosphere and its gravity. The movie stars Patrick Wilson, who plays Brian Harper, Halle Berry, who plays Jocinda Fowler, and John Bradley, who plays K.C Houseman. 

The Moon is Out of Orbit!

For some strange reason, K.C, a megastructurist and moon enthusiast, discovers that the moon is out of orbit and losing its course. He does the math and realizes that it’s actually hurtling down to earth. In a panic, he tries to reach out to NASA about his shocking finding but he can’t. No one believes him as he’s only a janitor and is considered a nut job. 

The moon comes down crashing in Moonfall and the earth's atmosphere is upended
The moon comes crashing down in Moonfall and the earth’s atmosphere is upended.

Raging Atmosphere

As NASA catches on to what is happening, the atmosphere starts to go haywire. On coming closer, the moon starts sucking everything up. The oceans grow giant waves that come inland and cause massive destruction. Brian Harper, a former astronaut and witness to an unknown swarm that took out his friend and fellow astronaut, is sought to help combat the situation. Having been disavowed and rebuked for ‘failure’ in his last mission, he is hesitant but agrees to go back out there and beat this thing. He is by now, a friend of K.C, and the two join up with Jocinda to launch a mission to save the moon.

Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry star in Moonfall
Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, and Halle Berry star in Moonfall.

Our Rating

In what we think is an epic Sci-Fi movie, Moonfall tickles all our nerdy senses and we loved it for just how larger than life it all felt. The movie is superb, especially in how it theorizes the moon as a megastructure and a creation of ‘aliens’ that has been put in place to facilitate life on earth. We rate the movie 8/10 and we loved it for how beautifully Sci-Fi it is. Moonfall will be especially sweet for space enthusiasts and tech nerds and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Enjoy.

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