The movie Moonshot is set in the future where a corporation has already established a colony on Mars but only those who are most qualified for the jobs there or those who are rich enough can visit. Walt, played by Cole Sprouse, is a normal guy who’s obsessed with going to Mars. Walt is distraught as he is an ordinary kid who doesn’t make the cut for a job on Mars and can’t afford a ticket there. He, however, finds his way.


Walt works in a cafe on campus and on a night out meets Ginny, a beautiful girl who’s leaving town the next day. They get to talk and end up liking each other. Ginny tells Walt that he’s convinced her to visit Mars and she reveals that Mars was where she was headed. Walt is shocked and much more motivated to find a way to go to Mars.

Meeting Sophie

During the party, Walt stumbles into Sophie’s room while looking for the bathroom. He breaks her gadget and she condemns him. Sophie, played by Lana Condor, has a boyfriend on Mars by the name of Calvin and she longs to see him. A day or two after, she goes to the cafe where Walt works and is sulking at how bad she feels missing her boyfriend. Walt approaches her and she decides that she’ll go to Mars to see Calvin.

The Journey to Mars

Sophie can afford to go to Mars and Walt can’t but he comes up with a plan. He begs Sophie to get him to the gate of the rocket where he uses an escape pod to stow away to Mars. He succeeds and meets Sophie there who’s angry and shocked while feeling used. Throughout the journey, he successfully impersonates her boyfriend and makes it to Mars. He’s, however, promptly arrested on getting there.

Walt and Sophie having a blast on their way to Mars
Walt and Sophie having a blast at a party on their way to Mars. They both are going to Mars for love but end up coming back to earth after finding love on their way to Mars.

Falling in Love

Sophie and Walt get close during their journey to Mars and subtly fall in love. On getting there, Walt is arrested and Sophie gets to meet her boyfriend. She, however, feels lost with him and realizes that she’s always following him, something he wouldn’t do in return for her. She decides that she’d rather come back to earth and follow her dream to save the planet. While on her way back to earth and in the rocket ship, she finds Walt who follows her back and they rekindle their romance.

Moonshot is a 2022 rom-com starring Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor.

Our Rating

Moonshot is a fascinating rom-com and we loved how futuristic it felt. It’s a must-watch for nerds and especially those of us who are in love with Mars. It’s beautiful how the movie ties in its Sci-Fi aspects with love and comedy. We give it a 6.5/10 and we think you should definitely watch it. It’s amazing to see a future where we make it to Mars and explore the first city on Mars and more. Enjoy.

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