Inspired by a true story, Queenpins is a story of Connie and JoJo who manage to scam corporations tens of millions of dollars by running an intricate coupons scam. The movie stars Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste. In real life, Marilyn Johnson, Robin Ramirez, and Amiko Fountain were prosecuted for running a coupons scam that cost corporations tens of millions of dollars.

Feedback for a Mischievous Idea

The Queenpins, Connie, and JoJo are avid coupon collectors. They spend their days collecting as many coupons as they can and buying as much stuff as possible to save more. Connie stumbles upon a stale box of breakfast cereal and decides she will write a letter to the manufacturer and complain. In response, she is sent a free coupon for a free box of the breakfast cereal. An idea sparks.

An Impressive Scam

Being normal people who have no technical knowledge and are not criminal masterminds, Connie and JoJo pull off an impressive scam. They decide to go to the factory where the coupons are manufactured and turn an inside man who sends them boxes of extra free coupons. As part of the protocol, these coupons are often discarded but instead, the duo receives them and sells them on a basic website they name Savvy Super Saver. They end up selling so many of these free coupons that they rake in tens of millions of dollars.

Connie and JoJo run an intricate scam which is impressive for normal people without technical experience and no criminal history.

Queenpins is Hilarious 😆

The movie is a breath of fresh air. It is hilarious and the guy who helps catch Connie and JoJo, Ken, a ‘coupon master’ makes it the more funny and captivating. Paul Walter Hauser plays Ken. He works beside postmaster Simon, played by Vince Vaughn. Connie and JoJo, the Queenpins, do a wonderful job themselves and you end up rooting for them even as they are bending the rules. They are assisted by Tempe Tina who is played by Bebe Rexha. The movie also shows that corporations would rather write off huge losses due to scams that incur bad press and have their shareholders worried.

Our Rating

The movie is a definite 8/10. We recommend you watch it and hope that you do not get any ideas to be mischievous with coupons. The corporations may not care but the feds will come for you. 😂😂 Queenpins is wonderful and we love the humor and relatability of the movie. Enjoy.

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Is Queenpins a movie or series?

Queenpins is a movie, not a series. It’s a fun movie though and if they made a series based on it, it would be a must-watch.

Was Queenpins a true story?

Yes. The movie is based on a true story even though it has been dramatized. The story it is based on is about Marilyn Johnson, Robin Ramirez, and Amiko Fountain who were prosecuted for running a coupons scam.

How long is Queenpins?

Queenpins is 1 hour and 48 minutes long. It’s a good length for a movie you will enjoy watching.

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