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Ray Donovan: The Movie

Ray Donovan is a 2022 movie that stars Liev Schreiber who plays Ray and John Voight who plays his father Mickey. The movie is about the Donovans’ struggle with their violent past and how their fierce love for one another holds them together. It’s also about trauma, including childhood trauma, and how that leads to a messed up life and numbness to societal ills.

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Deadbeat Dad

Ray’s father, Mickey, is a mess. Half of the time he’s in the red-light district and the other half he is snorting a mountain of cocaine trying to calm his demons. Ray, the somewhat pragmatic member of the family, tries to protect their family while having to mind his father’s actions against others. He navigates a traumatic life and ends up with a bullet wound in a motel where his daughter pulls the trigger against her grandfather.

Ray spends his life trying to save his father from himself
Ray spends his life trying to save his father from himself.

I Love Him!

Despite Mickey’s numerous shortcomings and his ever-absence, Ray loves him. Even though he doesn’t show or say it, he loves his father. He knows that his father’s antics have messed him up but still loves his father furiously. The Donovan family hails from generations of trauma and uncouth existence but they somehow manage to remain tight-knit. They try to break the cycle of the past while still trying to survive for the future. The movie is a culmination of the Ray Donovan series and caps it with the demise of Mickey.

Liev Schreiber stars in Ray Donovan - The Movie
Liev Schreiber stars in Ray Donovan: The Movie.

Our Rating

Ray Donovan is definitely a movie worth watching. It’s quite sensitive though and not recommended for anyone under 18. We rate the movie 6.5/10 and think you’ll have a better picture of why what happens happens when you watch the Ray Donovan series too. Enjoy and navigate it carefully i.e. don’t take it too much to heart.

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