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Ted Lasso is a surprisingly phenomenal show from Warner Bros. Television and Universal Studios. It stars Jason Sudeikis. Ted Lasso is a fun and refreshingly funny show that’s also developed in conjunction with Apple. It’s the kind of funny that is not too forced like sitcoms are or too nasty like the Comedy Central specials.

Here Comes America, Britain

Ted Lasso is an American coach who gets a new job coaching a soccer team in England. He knows nothing of British football or what they call soccer in America and is tasked with changing the fortunes of a premier league team AFC Richmond. Ted, a well-accented American, is shoved into English life and has to learn all the intricacies of British English and the various ways it’s different from American English.

Coach, Ted Lasso, and Nate
Coach, Ted, and Nate. The three are hilarious.

A Positively Annoying Lasso

Ted starts off on seemingly the right foot and as much as he is sabotaged by those closest to him, becomes a favorite of his players, fans, and critics. On a personal level, Lasso is going through a rocky marriage and his positive attitude and demeanor, which are an acquired taste, seem to be doing more harm than good.

The ‘Lasso Way’

Ted Lasso is a fun and determined coach who, despite lacking experience and knowledge about football, is determined to tune the players into winners. His strategies, though unconventional, are effective and despite how bad the team is doing, everyone roots for him as he is on the right path to success. The show also did phenomenally well in the Emmys 2021.

Our Rating

Ted Lasso is such an addictive show that we give it a 9/10. It’s hilarious and the humor is so natural that it does not come off as scripted or outrightly intended. Lasso is authentic and is just being himself. He is a kind and nice coach whose positive attitude is heartwarming. Ted Lasso is a definite must-watch. You’ll need a lot of popcorn and fries or like the British say, “chips” for this one. Please don’t forget the dip or sauce depending on which side of the Atlantic you hail from. Enjoy!


Is Ted Lasso available on Netflix?

No. Ted Lasso is an Apple TV Original series and is exclusively available on Apple TV+.

Why is Ted Lasso so popular?

Ted Lasso is so popular because it is authentically funny. The humor is very original and it’s also a relatable show where you’ll end up rooting for Lasso and the team.

Did Ted Lasso get Cancelled?

No. Ted Lasso will come back for a third season.

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