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The Truman Show

Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey, lives in a picturesque town where his life is going great. However, in his thirties, he discovers something strange when his deceased father appears. He is yet to realize he is the star of his own TV show, The Truman Show. Shot in the late nineties, The Truman Show movie is a timeless classic.

Suspecting Conspiracy

Truman sees his dead father who is quickly whisked away by two men. He tries to tell his family but no one believes him. The incident opens his eyes and he starts noticing that something is off with his life. He suspects a conspiracy and is out to discover what is going on.

Truman Burbank in The Truman Show
Truman suspects conspiracy when weird things happen like a light falling from the sky.

Sylvia: An Unforgettable Love

Marty meets the girl of his dreams, Sylvia, who’s quickly snatched from him. He goes on to marry Meryl after Sylvia disappears. He, however, never forgets her and is out to find out the truth about his life and find her.

A TV Star in the Show that is His Life

Things abruptly go south when Truman discovers that his life is somewhat looped and staged to appear real. He is determined to find out the truth and ends up escaping the thousands of invisible cameras watching him, to make a run for it. Conveniently, he had never left town and when he tries to, discovers it’s near impossible. He fakes being asleep and makes a run for it via the sea.

The Creator: Hold Him Back

The director/creator of the soap opera that is his life quickly launches a storm while Truman is at sea. He nearly capsizes as his father did but manages to survive. On reaching far enough, his boat hits a wall and Truman discovers that indeed, his whole life has been a lie. The creator of the show Christof, played by Ed Harris, tries to persuade him to stay but Truman exits the fake world he’s known all his life.

Our Rating

Philosophically captivating, The Truman Show is a metaphor for the question we all ask.. why are we here? It’s a beautiful and entertaining translation of one of the possible scenarios: maybe we are all playing characters in someone else’s show. We rate the movie 8/10 for its deep philosophical nature. It’s a timeless classic and we wonder what happened to Truman after leaving.

Jim Carrey’s Comments on a Possible Sequel

In an interview, actor Jim Carrey made a comment when asked which classic he would like to see brought back. He said that his choice would be The Truman Show. He further goes on to say that he thinks that after Truman leaves for the real world, he ends up lonely. Lonely because everyone else goes back into the fake world that is the TV show as that’s the Truman they have loved and want to see.

Jim Carrey stars in The Truman Show
Jim Carrey stars in The Truman Show. He believes that Truman would end up lonely in a sequel.


What is the deeper meaning of The Truman Show?

The Truman Show is a metaphor for life. The director of Truman’s life plays god while Truman plays an ordinary human constrained within the limits of the world he was created in. It asks the million-dollar question; Why are we here? Why are we living?

Why is The Truman Show so good?

The show is well-acted, very relatable, and touches on the biggest question in life: why are we here on earth?

Is The Truman Show worth watching?

Yes. It’s a beautiful yet scary look at the human condition and will leave you asking all the important questions such as: what is the meaning of life and can we escape the human condition?

Is there a Truman Show 2?

No. Not yet at least. We hope there will be and the movie can be adopted to make a thrilling series. Read Jim Carrey’s comments on the matter above.

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