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Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming

A Madea Homecoming (2022) is the latest in the Madea franchise. Madea welcomes her family to her home as they celebrate her great-grandson’s graduation. She won’t take any jabs from anyone and remains unapologetically Madea all along.

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Madea’s granddaughter is just out of a nasty divorce where she doesn’t get much. As it turns out, her lawyer may be playing for the other team. Madea, on her part, doesn’t want to see her ex, even as he is the father of the graduate and should probably be there to celebrate his son’s graduation.

Madea isn't having it from anyone who has something negative to say about her or her family
Madea isn’t having it from anyone who has something negative to say about her or her family. She also can’t stomach her granddaughter’s ex.

‘Fell in Love’

The graduate soon finds out that he only has half the story when it comes to his best friend, Davi. Davi and his ma have gotten quite close and things really pour out during the graduation weekend. The two, apparently, fell in love.

Tyler Perry stars in A Madea Homecoming
Tyler Perry stars in A Madea Homecoming.

Our Rating

Fairly entertaining and humorous, A Madea Homecoming retains the uniqueness of the Madea movies. It’s a movie worth watching, despite being a little dirty in a humorous way. We rate it 6/10 and we think it ticks all the Madea boxes we expected it to. Enjoy.

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