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Will Smith Barred from the Oscars for a Decade

In what was a heavy clampdown on violence, Will Smith was barred from attending the Oscars for an entire decade. This was his punishment for slapping Chris Rock on stage after Chris made a joke about Will’s wife’s shaven head. The ban is only for attendance and Will Smith can still be nominated for, and win Oscars.

Was the Punishment Too Harsh?

Yes. In our view, we believe that the Academy Awards landed a huge blow to Will, much more than was necessary. We believe that he should have only been barred from attending for a year or a maximum of two years.

Will Smith Oscar Ban
Will Smith’s Oscar 10-year ban may have been too harsh.

Can Will Smith Appeal?

It doesn’t seem so. Once the disciplinary committee of the Oscars makes a decision, then it’s taken as final. Will Smith will have to stomach the ban and we worry that the ban will prevent him from further awards.

Will Will Smith Get an Oscar in the Next Decade?

Probably not. Even when he is deserving of one and nominated for it. The thing is, when you break rapport with the Academy Awards then they may be biased against you in deciding whether you deserve to be awarded an Oscar. Same way if you beat up a kid at school, even if you’re the best performing student, the principal and school management may decide to deny you the award for a lack of discipline.

Where is Jada Pinkett in All this?

Jada, Will’s wife, had recently commented that Will Smith’s smack of Chris Rock was unnecessary. She said that “she doesn’t need protecting,” even though Mr. Smith felt that Chris Rock had crossed a line.

What Happened to Chris Rock after the Slap at the Oscars?

In a seeming twist of fate, Will Smith smacking Chris Rock was somewhat good for Rock. Chris went on to sell out tickets for a comedy show he was hosting soon after the awards show. He made millions in just a few days due to that and the slap may have brought good fortune. He, however, didn’t talk about the smack in the show and said that he would address it properly at a future date. Despite the ban, everybody still loves Will Smith.

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