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Diamond Platnumz and Baby Mama, Zari Co-Parent

Diamond Platnumz alias Chibu Dangote is a Tanzanian musician famous for his lineup of hits such as ‘Jeje.’ Diamond is a man of many baby mamas and has recently linked up with his first wife and now ex-wife and baby mama, Zari Hassan. Zari is a Ugandan socialite who resides in South Africa. Zari and Diamond have two kids together, a son, Prince Nillan, real name Riaz Nasibu Abdul, and a daughter, Latifah Dangote, real name Latifah Naseeb Abdul. Diamond’s real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma. He recently named his latest son Naseeb Junior, who he had with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna. After a year of dating, Donna and Platnumz split up and seem to be in a rough patch as Donna recently claimed that Diamond is not supporting their kid.


Diamond and Zari were married for a while until they broke up after he admitted that he cheated on her with Hamisa Mobetto, a Tanzanian socialite and singer. Diamond has several baby mamas and has four children. He has the two with Zari plus two boys. One with Hamisa Mobetto, Dylan Naseeb, and another with Tanasha Donna, Naseeb Junior. The Tanzanian singer is a huge star in Africa and was recently featured in Alicia Key’s song. He has been consistent in his music and is considered one of the most influential artists on the continent. 


Diamond recently welcomed Zari and their two kids to Tanzania, where she denied claims that they were back together. Zari said that she was only in Tanzania because of the kids as Diamond had spent over two years without seeing them. Moreover, that he missed the kids and wanted to see them but could not travel to South Africa due to numerous upcoming engagements. When asked where she would stay, she said that she could stay at a hotel or his mansion regardless of whether he has ‘somebody.’ She alleges that there is nothing between them and that she only visited to allow him to see the kids. The couple has been having scuffles, as did Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It. Read more on Maureen Waititu and the Frankie Fiasco below.


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Expensive Gifts

Diamond recently bought or helped Zari buy a Bentley, and many fans saw this as a reunion gift for her. Zari, Diamond, and the kids later attended a football match in Dar-es-salaam, where they were seen to enjoy each others’ company. Diamond had not seen the children since his breakup with Zari over two years ago. At the time, there had been a lot of speculation and drama as soon after, Diamond welcomed his third child, Dylan, whom he had with Hamisa while still with Zari. Zari has three other boys whose father passed on. She is a bonafide businesswoman and a singer. 

Tanasha Donna

It seems like only a few months ago when Diamond announced that he and Tanasha Donna were expecting a child. At the time, Diamond had called numerous social media influencers and celebrities to a party in Tanzania, where he made the announcement. He, however, later broke up with Tanasha, a Kenyan singer. Chibu Dangote, as he refers to himself, is a modern polygamist and doesn’t seem to hesitate to bear children with multiple women. He has had numerous girlfriends over the years, most of whom never got to Zari’s level. Unlike the rest, Zari is said to be wife material as she can cook and is quite mature, being over forty years old. She has five kids, four boys, and one girl. 

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