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Could 2020 Be the Year for a Seismic Shift in Global Society?

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The world has seen a tumultuous year in 2020 with a lot going wrong and awry. 2020 was a year of lessons, a year of upswings and downturns. A year of sickness and a pandemic and a year that has seen over a million people lose their lives to coronavirus. Nobody could have anticipated the mess that would be 2020, and it is only by God’s grace that we have come so far. In 2020, just being alive and healthy is more than enough to give thanks for. In all the mess that this year has proven to be, we are grateful to God for carrying us through.

A Seismic Shift in Global Society

2020 could be the year for a seismic shift in a global society. The world has faced so much adversity this year that it has forced us to rethink what we value in our lives and how we lead our lives. In December last year, one could have had all these plans that they had set for themselves and so-called ‘resolutions.’ However, we learned soon after that we are not really in power and that God is the one leading our lives. We may have lost that view before, and as we discuss this topic in November 2020, we are a people who have seen quite some tumult and difficult times.

A Shift from Nationalism and Political Partisanship

2020-induced changes could be a shift from political partisanship, hateful rhetoric, and uncalled for nationalism. The defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S election has come as a glimmer of hope that, indeed, the world will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. We will beat COVID-19. There will be a vaccine, and hopefully, a cure for the disease soon. We may suffer some PTSD due to the events that have transpired this year, and possibly some will grapple with depression and mental health issues. Despite such unfortunate circumstances, things will be better. The change may not happen overnight, but everything will be fine, and we will persevere. The world will become more cosmopolitan.

A Shift from Excessive Planning

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2020 will be the year that taught us not to overly depend on our plans or our outlook on how things will transpire in the future. The year confirmed uncertainties in business, financial markets, and how well governments could cushion their citizens against a global downturn. It was yet another year that saw markets nearly crumble and tens of thousands of businesses go out of business. In the U.K, furlough schemes are being increased, while in the United States, the Senate is yet to introduce another stimulus package. 2020 has been a terrible year for the businessman or woman, and anyone whose business was brought down by coronavirus could take a few years to rebound. 

A Shift from Outdoor Life

2020 was also a lonely year, and cities lost their buzz globally, with fewer people leaving their homes. Theaters were, for the first time in decades, empty and without moviegoers. Clubs, bars, and restaurants could not operate and may not operate during normal hours for the next few months. Even churches had to find new and innovative ways to get the Gospel to the people. 2020 was also lonely in that lockdown restrictions meant that everyone was discouraged from leaving their homes and interacting with others. There is a kind of human connection that we have all lost this year, in one way or another.

A Shift from Traditional Ways of Doing Business

Despite all this gloom, 2020 could also be the year that businesses reimagine their crafts and trades. It could be the year that technology becomes imbibed in our daily activities and businesses in a way that only a pandemic could force. More people are conversant with video-conferencing today than it could ever have been imagined. The use of such technologies and their adoption has been fast-tracked to a major boost for the tech industry. Businesses have also had to quickly adapt and integrate digital technologies in their activities and service offerings, ensuring that more investment seeps from unsustainable sectors into the tech sector. This ensures that more businesses adopt technologies to leverage for competitive advantage and steer them into the future.  

A Shift to Self-Teaching and Online Learning

2020 could be a year where society changes for the better. The fact that work and school were disrupted has also meant that we have all found new meaning in self-teaching and learning outside of school. Our attention as the world has been drawn to climate change and the effects that it has had on our ecosystems. We are now aware of greenhouse gases, their effects, and how to play our part in reducing them. We are more climate-conscious and are more aware of the climate crisis and the need to move swiftly in mitigating it.

A Shift to Self-Employment

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Those who have lost employment have also had to find new avenues for work and niches to supply and target. Limitations create creativity, and the limitations of 2020 have infused a lot of creativity and character as bad times create character. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this year has seen a lot of new and sustainable solutions developed for a myriad of societal problems. 2020 may have been a bad and tough year, but it has definitely made us stronger. We may have suffered in one way or another but are more secure and confident in our future approach. This decade and the decades to come will find us more prepared to face unexpected feats and outcomes. Businesses will now effectively plan for downturns as efficiently as they plan for upswings.

A Shift to Fast Technology Adoption

Technology will now be more familiar, more trusted, and also more incorporated in our daily lives. We will now interface with numerous technologies easily and allow ourselves an imagination beyond what we think our limitations are. 2020 could be what the world needed, in some aspects, to face the next decades and centuries. That is, of course, except for the fact that a lot of people have lost their loved ones. The next pandemic, God forbid, will find us more prepared, more cautious, and more eager to heed instruction. Even in the difficulty of the current situation, that is definitely a good thing. Our deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved ones, and may their loved ones’ souls rest in eternal peace. We have learned so much this year, both bad and good, which will propel us to prosperity, better health, and wealth in the future. 

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