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Agnes Kagure Announces Bid for Nairobi Gubernatorial Seat

Businesswoman Agnes Kagure announced her bid for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in this year’s general election. Ms. Kagure is a renowned businesswoman and vowed to ensure Nairobi ceases to be a “city of lamentation” and to make it a “city of jubilation.”

A Competitive Race for Nairobi’s Gubernatorial Seat

Agnes Kagure is the latest to throw her hat in the race for what is turning out to be a competitive race for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat. Nairobi is the largest metropolitan county in the country and also the one that is accorded the most resources. As such and as is the custom in the country, where there are extensive government resources then there are leadership scuffles and heated elections.

A Nairobi Haunted by Leadership Scuffles

Nairobi has particularly faced leadership issues since the 2010 constitution when devolved governments were introduced. To mark just how shaky leadership can be in the face of enormous resources, the previously elected governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko was impeached and replaced by his then deputy governor Anne Kananu. The county is one of the most difficult to lead with the introduction of Nairobi Metropolitan Services, NMS, further complicating the situation.

Azimio la Umoja vs UDA in Nairobi

Ms. Kagure is vying for the governor’s seat in Nairobi via the Azimio la Umoja ticket and will face heated competition even in the nominations for the party. Furthermore, even if she attains the nomination, she will face stiff competition from nominees of other parties, especially the UDA nominee. The general election will be very competitive for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat and it is yet to be seen if Kagure can emerge the victor.

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