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Indian NGOs See their Licenses Revoked in a Move to Stop Foreign Funding

The Indian government has revoked licenses for numerous NGOs operating in the country as a move to ensure ‘national security’ by stopping foreign NGO funding. The revocation comes days after the government introduced new regulations for NGOs citing national security concerns and their use as channels for foreign money getting into the country.

Big and Small Indian NGOs’ Licenses Revoked

Numerous NGOs have been affected including Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. The NGO has since had to ration the food it donates to those in need citing dry coffers after their license was revoked disabling them from acquiring foreign funding for their humanitarian operations.

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity
Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity feeding the needy. Source: Picture Alliance.

Huge and tiny Indian NGOs alike have been affected with the likes of OXFAM seeing their licenses revoked and their applications for new licenses denied.

Impunity by the BJP

Analysts say that the leading BJP party is exercising impunity against the NGOs as political parties themselves enjoy foreign funding but do not see such funding as a ‘threat to national security’.

Families in Need in India Likely to Suffer the Most

Unfortunately, the license revocations will see families in need in India suffer even more and humanitarian projects stalled. The people of India will be the ones to suffer and the government, whose role it is to mind the welfare of the people, is instigating a worsening of the situation at a time when the country is facing a deadly pandemic.

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