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The Remembrance Poppy

The Remembrance Poppy is a symbol worn on the upper chest, neckline, or collar to remember the soldiers who lost their lives during wartime. It is a part of the Remembrance Day celebrations that seek to recognize the sacrifice of those who fought in World War One and Two. The Remembrance Poppy is worn in the lead up to Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom and some of its former colonies such as Australia. Remembrance Day is held on the Sunday that is closest to the 11th of November every year. It is held close to Veterans Day in the United States, which are celebrations that occur every 11th of November to honor the war dead.

A Symbol of Resilience

Many soldiers lost their lives in the two World Wars and gave their lives as a sacrifice for world peace. We owe them our remembrance, and that is why Remembrance Day is held every year. The red poppy flower is a symbol of resilience as poppies can grow almost everywhere but are delicate. The red poppy flower was adopted after volunteers chose it as a symbol for remembrance and made woven red poppies that they sold for charity and raised money for charitable causes. Their efforts were inclined to those afflicted by World War One and made the red poppy a symbol for war-related charitable causes.

The Royal British Legion

The red poppy flower is today trademarked by the Royal British Legion. The charity provides the red poppies in exchange for a donation to their cause and has helped numerous war-related causes, including helping disabled veterans and veteran families. The Royal British Legion conducts a yearly campaign around Remembrance Day to raise funds for numerous charitable and war-related causes. The red poppy is a part of the symbolism of war and is a crucial affirmation to recognizing those that fought in both World Wars. Today also saw an event here in Kenya to remember the Kenyan soldiers who fought and lost their lives in World War 2.

King’s African Rifles

Kenyan and African soldiers were recruited to help the Royal army and allied forces. They assisted in carrying war supplies and even in the frontline fighting the enemy. The then colonizing British government recruited most of these soldiers under the King’s African Rifles. This was a battalion or group of soldiers that offered military support for the allied forces. The Remembrance Poppy should be worn on the left by civil servants and on the right by serving or past military personnel. The poppy should be worn over the heart and proudly as a show of respect for those who gave their lives for the peace we enjoy today. The official mantra is ‘Lest we forget.’

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