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Baba Officially Announces his Candidacy as Ford-K Defectors Form a Party

Raila Odinga officially announced his candidacy for president after mounting speculation and what had until the 10th of this month been an open secret. ‘Baba’ as he is commonly known announced his campaign in a meeting that brought together leaders and delegates from both ODM and Jubilee.

‘Azimio la Umoja’ vs ‘Kazi ni Kazi’

Raila Odinga will run for president under his Azimio la Umoja outfit that he says seeks to bring people together, even promising to ensure that under his leadership the country would be ‘in safe hands.’ Azimio la Umoja is an idea that seeks to rival the deputy president’s ‘Kazi ni Kazi’ ideology.

Baba will have an uphill task facing off William Ruto who is his only main competitor. The DP has also had a headstart in campaigning as he started his campaign way too early, much to the disgust of the president and his cronies. The DP is now only facing worthy competition from Baba and the two will likely face off in what will be a high-stakes election.

Does Baba still have the Pizzazz to Woo Kenyans?

Raila Odinga is what we call a well-seasoned and veteran politician. Having studied political science in Russia and with decades of experience in leadership, he is set to mount a heated campaign and give the DP a run for his money. He has the experience, following, and charisma to get the nation rallied behind the Azimio la Umoja cause. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt that he has the support of the president, now a heated critic and rival to his deputy president William Ruto.

Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta Handshake
Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta have been close allies since their 2018 ‘handshake.’ This friendship has spelled trouble for DP Ruto.

Peace over Personalities

Baba will be on the ballot and even as we all get excited to vote for the leaders we want, we must maintain peace and ensure the electoral process goes smoothly.

“Let us choose peace over personalities” – Mania News Team

A nation at war can never prosper even with the ‘best’ leaders. As such, we should all not forget that elections come and go and it is upon all of us to ensure the continuity and prosperity of our nation.

Wafula Wamunyinyi: From Ford-K to DAP-K

On their part, Ford Kenya’s splinter cell, led by Wafula Wamunyinyi and Eseli Simiyu, has formed their party termed Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K). Wamunyinyi will take the role of party Chairman while Eseli will be its Secretary-General. In what was a surprisingly well-attended launch, the party, now led by Wamunyinyi made it clear that their mission was to bring Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi down in what they say is a Western Kenya political takeover.

Eseli Simiyu, Moses Wetangula and Wafula Wamunyinyi
Eseli Simiyu and Wafula Wamunyinyi have continually sought to defeat Wetangula from Ford-K leadership. Failure to which they went on and formed DAP-K.

Does DAP-K have the Potential to Unseat Weta and Musalia in Western Kenya?

Probably not but it doesn’t matter because Wamunyinyi has gotten the party he wanted and he and his people will try and make as much noise as they can. The importance of partying up is especially the ability to negotiate as a team when it comes to coalition building with other like-minded parties. That, we believe, was the goal of the new party and it’s a smart move in what is now heating up to be a game of coalitions, in the lead up to the 2022 general elections.

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