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Election Day or D-day

Today is election day or d-day in the United States. Today, the United States will take a look in the mirror and decide what it wants to be. Today could be the day that the U.S regains its position as a principled and inclusive country. It could be the day that the walls, literal and figurative, come down, and bridges get erected. The last four years have been nothing short of tumultuous and today is the day that a new dawn could be realized through the presidential vote. The 2020 election is one of the most important elections ever, and its results will reverberate the world over for decades. The power of choice is in the hands of the people, and today they will decide.


The elections have already kicked off, and the world is anxious to learn the results. Will it be Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, or Donald Trump, the incumbent and the candidate for the Republican party. Today’s vote will be the most anticipated and is likely also to be the most participated. Nearly a hundred million U.S citizens have already voted as part of early voting. Early voting commenced a few weeks back, and voters could vote through mail-ballots or in-person voting. This year’s turnout has been enormous, and more than one-half of those who voted in 2016 have already voted in this year’s election. 

Massive Turnout

The youth have turned out massively and, according to polls, are leaning towards Joe Biden and the Republican party. Most of the early votes are anticipated to be votes for Joe Biden, and Trump’s supporters are anticipated to turn out in droves on election day. This election is tense, and it is one that is held when the country is more polarised than it has been in recent years. The election is also a golden opportunity for female leadership as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic party is a woman, Kamala Harris. If the election goes as the polls suggest it will, Kamala Harris could be the first woman to become Vice President. She is already the first woman of Indian and American descent to be nominated as a Vice Presidential candidate in the democratic party. There have been issues of voter suppression in the United States and controversy about how the Republican party has tried to undermine minority voting.

A Referendum on Trump

Today’s election is seen as a referendum on Donald Trump’s leadership, especially his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States is the most affected country by the coronavirus pandemic and has lost over two hundred and thirty thousand lives due to Coronavirus. The country has reported over nine million COVID-19 infections and has been ravaged by the pandemic. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for other seats, including senators, house representatives, and some governors. For in-depth information on the election, visit the 2020 elections page on Wikipedia. The 2020 election is one where there is the risk of either candidate and, especially, Donald Trump, refusing to accept the election results. Such a refusal could lead to violence or clashes, and we hope that this does not happen and all goes well. We discourage violence in any form, and whoever wins the election, life will go on. As voters go to cast their ballot, they should accept that the election could go either way. We wish America well. God Bless America and God Bless the World. Godspeed. 

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