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Jimi Wanjigi Released After Spending a Night in Custody

Wealthy businessman and presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi was yesterday released after he spent a night in custody at the Kamukunji Police Station. His arrest on Tuesday followed allegations that he and his wife were involved in a land grab case. Wanjigi was released with no charges filed against him and his wife after the courts determined that he was not involved with the land grab issue.

Wanjigi vs. George Kinoti

Wanjigi’s arrest on Tuesday was heated as DCI’s Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) officers broke into his office where he and his son were holed up. Analysts say that Wanjigi’s arrest is the culmination of his recent legal scuffles with DCI boss George Kinoti and his bid to go head to head with Raila Odinga for ODM’s nomination as its presidential candidate in the upcoming 2022 general elections. The DCI boss had recently been sentenced to four months in prison on charges of failing to return guns seized from Wanjigi. Kinoti later successfully appealed the conviction but it seems he still has beef with Wanjigi.

DCI boss George Kinoti
DCI boss George Kinoti had recently been sentenced to four months in prison for illegally withholding firearms belonging to Wanjigi. He later successfully appealed the conviction after several futile attempts.

A Bid for ODM Nomination for the Presidential Ticket

Jimi Wanjigi is also a presidential aspirant who has been conducting rallies in a bid to clinch the ODM nomination to run as its presidential candidate for the upcoming general elections in August this year. His bid to oppose former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in ODM it seems is also one of the causes of his recent trouble with authorities. He is an outspoken aspirant and has recently decried unfair nomination practices in the party saying that as a lifetime member and a person who has contributed so much to ODM, he deserved a shot at nomination by the party for the presidential race.

Wanjigi’s Supporters Get Into Running Battles with the Police

Wanjigi supporters got into running battles with the police yesterday as his case was being heard in court. Wanjigi is an affluent businessman and has recently gotten support from a small number of people who it seems are passionate to see Wanjigi vie for the presidency.

Wanjigi’s Heavy-handed Arrest

On being released, Wanjigi refused to address DCI boss Kinoti saying that he is “just a poodle who has masters” and attested that he could only address Kinoti’s masters. He also said that he would sue for his wrongful arrest and the damage to his property while the arrest was being carried out, making a valuation of the damages to be around Ksh. 10 million. Wanjigi, passionate and wealthy as he is, has a lot of enemies especially in government, who are trying to see to it that he does not succeed in his bid for the presidency.

ATPU Officers carrying out Jimi Wanjigi arrest
ATPU Officers carrying out Jimi Wanjigi’s arrest. They brought sledgehammers and damaged his property at it. There’s also controversy on why the unit was the one sent to his house and whether they needed to be so heavy-handed.
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