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Musalia Mudavadi’s Earthquake: His Alliance with DP Ruto

Amani National Congress, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi has come out to deliver on his promise for an earth-shaking announcement on Sunday, announcing that he will now work with United Democratic Alliance, UDA leader, DP William Ruto. In what was a shocking turn of events, fellow One Kenya Alliance leaders Kalonzo Musyoka and Gideon Moi walked out of the meeting when they realized that DP Ruto was in attendance. Even so, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula remained and congratulated Mudavadi on being announced the presidential nominee/candidate for his party ANC.

Has Musalia Mudavadi Lost all Credibility?

Musalia Mudavadi came third in the 2007 election and supported former Prime Minister Raila Odinga come 2017. He is seen as one of the more capable and believable leaders but his move to join up with DP Ruto has cast doubt on his credibility.

Musalia Mudavadi and DP Ruto
Musalia Mudavadi and DP Ruto. By joining Ruto, Mudavadi may just lose all his credibility.

Will Mudavadi be Ruto’s Running Mate?

Furthermore, it is confusing that Mudavadi announced joining hands with Ruto as he was being given the presidential nomination by his party. Pundits say that Mudavadi has a good chance if he goes it alone but could fair much worse in a coalition as he may not get the chance to vie as its presidential candidate. They also indicate that by joining Ruto’s camp, the best that Musalia can achieve is becoming the DP’s running mate and possibly Vice President or Deputy President himself. Mind you, he was VP once in 2002 after being appointed following the deformation of government back then. Mudavadi served as Vice President for only two months and is to date the country’s shortest-serving Vice President ever.

Did Mudavadi Kill OKA?

Musalia Mudavadi’s alliance with DP Ruto is possibly a nail in the coffin for OKA as the One Kenya Alliance is relatively new and lacking in prowess as compared to parties such as UDA and the Orange Democratic Movement, ODM. Even so, OKA could still survive if its remaining leaders Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula, and Gideon Moi find a way to come together and choose a flag bearer. OKA may not be the strongest alliance out there but still commands a good enough following to somewhat stir the waters of politics in Kenya.

One Kenya Alliance Leaders Mudavadi, Wetangula, Kalonzo, and Gideon Moi
One Kenya Alliance Leaders Mudavadi, Wetangula, Kalonzo, and Gideon Moi. The alliance looks to be on its deathbed.

OKA Kicks Musalia Mudavadi Out

OKA today made a statement saying that they have kicked Mudavadi out of the alliance and party citing his collaboration with DP Ruto and UDA. The remaining OKA leaders are now tasked with finding new allies to strengthen their base and their chances to mount a good enough challenge to the other parties. If OKA can create a big enough political storm, then its members and leaders can be guaranteed say and good posts in the upcoming government. However, the benefits that are to be realized are tightly pivoted on whether OKA can ally itself to a winning candidate and support them, something that OKA itself is looking to have, being an alliance.

One Kenya Alliance leaders
One Kenya Alliance leaders. The alliance kicked out Mudavadi and it’s principles Kalonzo and Gideon Moi walked out of Sunday’s meeting at the Bomas of Kenya.

Will Musalia Mudavadi be on the Ballot?

Musalia Mudavadi has made what may be one of his biggest mistakes in his political career. He may have just sipped from the chalice of corruption and ineptitude and lost his chance to ever become the president of this country. He is an aging man and analysts believe that by giving up his chance to be on the ballot, as it seems he will do, he may have just given up what would be a good chance. Even as he would likely lose the 2022 general elections, being on the ballot for Mudavadi could be a good chance to create momentum for the next two elections. He is a candidate that many would elect even now as Kenyans have become more skeptical of always electing the same leaders. Moreover, by building momentum now in 2022 and 2027, Mudavadi could set a stage to win the 2032 elections and finally get a chance to lead the country.

Musalia Mudavadi’s Manifesto and his Growing Opposition in Western Kenya

According to Mudavadi, his manifesto entails getting rid of corruption and bolstering the economy to ensure that money goes back to people’s pockets. However, critics including Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu question how Musalia will be able to do that by colluding with DP Ruto who many believe is corrupt and a big thief from the country’s financial coffers. Others, including western leaders, say that today’s announcement is an indication that Musalia is “selling the people of western Kenya to the highest bidder.”

Wamunyinyi Pledges to Oppose Mudavadi in Western Kenya

Democratic Action Party of Kenya, DAP-K’s Wafula Wamunyinyi also came out to say that he will ensure that he mounts stiff opposition against Musalia and ensure the people of Western Kenya do not follow him as he is misleading them. Wamunyinyi swore to ensure that the people of western are not misled.

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