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Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu Cancels Her Bid for the Nairobi Gubernatorial Race in Support of Polycarp Igathe

Nairobi’s interim governor, Anne Kananu canceled her bid for the Nairobi gubernatorial race in support of former deputy governor Polycarp Igathe. In what many tout as a sort of political suicide, Kananu gave up her chance to be on the ballot and instead opted to join Igathe’s camp on the road to the 2022 general elections.

Anne Kananu doesn’t Stand a Chance

Anne Kananu may have realized that she doesn’t stand a chance against the bigwigs that are likely to run the city. There are guys and gals out there with millions and millions of Kenya shillings that they are willing to invest or as it happens give away, to see themselves elected as Nairobi governor. Kananu, a newcomer and unelected, may lack the fervor or finances to compete. There’s stiff competition for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat and only those with the strength to pull through will stand a chance of being elected. It’s a jungle of craziness the leadership of this city and only a person who’s willing to play the game and survive will see the light of the day. Is Polycarp Igathe that person? We doubt.

Former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe
Former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe. He will face an uphill battle in the contest for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

Avoiding the Madness of Nairobi Leadership 

Anne Kananu may have also realized that the sane thing to do would be to support Polycarp Igathe, someone who has some experience in Nairobi leadership and good ideas to see the city prosper. Nairobi is very unique in how it works. City hall is one day a place of peace and tranquility and the next council askaris (police) are running around with buttons beating up people. It’s a concoction of madness sometimes and can be very stressful trying to bring sense as a leader. Therefore, Kananu may have already experienced the discomfort and stresses of being Nairobi’s governor and opted to step down from asking people to elect her.

Does the Governor of Nairobi really Lead the City?

The unfortunate answer is no. The governor of Nairobi in recent years has become a figurehead and puppet of the powers that be. Ever since the creation of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), Nairobi is led by the overlords of this country and recognizing that could have meant that Kananu doesn’t want to be Nairobi governor any longer than she needs to be. Why spend money on a campaign only to be elected into an office with no powers? Yeah. We thought so too.

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