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The Flossin Mauwano Story

The Flossin Mauwano story is a touching story of how an artist by the name of Stephen Mule came up with the ‘Flossin Mauwano’ slogan to mark blackspots across Nairobi.

Stephen Mule aka Flossin Mauwano
Stephen Mule, the artist behind the ‘Flossin Mauwano’ graffiti.

Tragedy on the Road due to Election Violence

Stephen Mule says that he started writing graffiti on roads and highways after witnessing the demise of his parents in 1997. According to him, his parents were knocked down in a traffic accident along Lang’ata road while they were escaping violent youth during election violence at the time.

Increasing Rate of Road Carnage and Death in Nairobi

Mule also worked as a trader along the roads in Nairobi and attests to having witnessed people being knocked down. As a reply, he came up with the Flossin Mauwano slogan which he paints on major roads and highways as a way to mark these blackspots. According to him, graffiti is his way to catch the attention of road users and motorists and to make them more alert in these specific spots. There have been increasing cases of road carnage and accidents around Nairobi and in the country as a whole.

Art and Graffiti as a Way to Ensure Motorists Remain Alert on the Road

When motorists see the Flossin Mauwano slogan, they are more alert and less likely to be involved in an accident. Mr. Mule sees his art as a way to ensure motorists stay keen on the roads. He is a father to a son and is married. His wife got pregnant while still in high school and Mule was forced to fend for the family and himself. His art is already up on the yet-to-be-completed Nairobi Expressway.

Flossin Mauwano graffiti on the Nairobi Expressway
Flossin Mauwano graffiti on the Nairobi Expressway.

Flossin Mauwano Graffiti Stereotyped as Vandalism that is Gang-affiliated

The Flossin Mauwano graffiti has mostly been mistaken as vandalism or gang markings for territory. The graffiti is, however, a heartfelt way for an artist to protest against road carnage. Road accidents are a major cause of deaths in Kenya and more needs to be done to avert the thousands of deaths each year that emanate from road carnage.

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