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Your Beloved Majesty: A Letter to Queen Elizabeth the Second

Your beloved Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second,

Greetings Your Majesty from Kenya and the World

Greetings from the land of Kenya, home of the big five and ardent admirers of your unfaltering leadership over seven decades. How has Your Majesty been?

Bravo! Your Majesty 🙌

I write this letter first to say Bravo 👏 for your tremendous contribution to the leadership of the United Kingdom and very importantly, the Commonwealth. Your courage, strength, and perseverance have certainly made the world a better place. We appreciate you for your role and pray that we embark on the same tremendous journey of stoicism that you have graced so elegantly.

Queen Elizabeth the Second
As you celebrate your 96th Birthday Your Majesty we say: Bravo and Long live the Queen!

As You Approach Your Sunset Years we Say: Long Live the Queen! 🫅🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Queen Elizabeth, our hearts are in our hands as you gracefully embark on your sunset years. We ache for the thought of losing you and hope and pray that the Good Lord keeps you with us for as long as can be. Long Live the Queen. Love Live Queen Elizabeth II. As you celebrate your 96th birthday, we send you lots of love and encouragement and pray that you have a swell approach to the 100-year mark. This letter is most crucially an appreciation of you and the irreducible personal sacrifice that you have made in your leadership of the UK and the world.

Your Journey: Love, Appreciation, and Forgiveness

To kick things off, I want to reflect on your journey, keeping in mind that you have for the longest time shouldered the burden of being a monarch and a leader of first others, and then yourself, and your family.

The Queen and Princess Diana and her family
Your journey has been one of love, appreciation, and forgiveness and we would like to say that we love you, appreciate you, and forgive you.

Princess Diana Forgives and Loves You and You will Always be Her ‘Mama’

We all are still heartbroken to this day by the tragic loss of Princess Diana. We still hold her very dear in our hearts and pray that the Lord rests her soul in eternal beauty. Diana was more than a princess to all of us, she was a light in our lives. We ache tremendously that she had to be taken away from us and thank you for the role you have played in ensuring her family remains well and protected in her absence. A lot has been said about your pause when she parted but I believe I represent the world in saying that we forgive you.

Princess Diana Forgives and Loves You and You will Always be Her ‘Mama’
Princess Diana forgives and loves you and you will always be her ‘Mama’.

More importantly, Princess Diana forgives you. She would and understands your burden and role first as a grandmother when the tragedy occurred, and then as a mother and monarch. Princess Diana loved and loves you and she respected and respects you as a mother and the sovereign. I believe that’s why she fondly referred to you as Mama, an eternal appreciation and gratitude for your role as a mother and the bearer of her ex-husband and the father of her two beautiful children. I cannot speak of Diana and not say that Harry loves you too.

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Harry and Meghan and their Family Love You

Harry and his wife Meghan and their children love you. You are to them the most important member of their family, least not because you are the Queen, but also because you are their grandmama, a figure central to their lives.

Harry and Meghan and their Family Love You
Harry and Meghan and their family love you.

As such, please dissuade your heart from thinking and believing that their stepping aside was in any way meant to hurt you.

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Your Weight and Burden of the Monarchy

The monarchy is first and foremost an institution and a symbol. It represents the heart and soul of the United Kingdom. Even more, it is the foundation of the structure of what Britain represents, and to be in the middle of it is no easy task. I would dare say that you were given an impossible role as both monarch and the leader of the most-watched and most talked about family in the world. Your role has not been easy, to say the least, and as the people of the world we understand, to the extent possible, the impossibility of what has been asked of you your whole life. Even more, we appreciate and adore you for the impeccable job you have done donning all these caps that demand so much of you.

Queen Elizabeth II has been a central role to the Commonwealth
The weight and burden of the monarchy have been on your shoulders all these decades but we congratulate you for being so gracious. We commend you for you have played a central role in the Commonwealth and global leadership.

The Question of Prince Charles: He will Make a Wonderful King 🤴

Dear Queen Elizabeth, as you approach your sunset years, the question of Prince Charles’ leadership edges ever closer. We believe that Prince Charles will make a wonderful king. We understand that like any and all human beings, he’s had his shortcomings but we insist on the belief that he will make a king that you would be proud of.

The Question of Prince Charles He will Make a Wonderful King
Prince Charles will make a wonderful king despite his shortcomings.

Also, we would like to say that Princess Diana forgives him too, and HRH Camilla Parker-Bowles for any way they may have wronged her. She is happy that they are happy together and wishes that they remember her as a close friend and family member who loved and continues to love them dearly. The world has its way of working things out and by no means does Princess Diana hold any bad blood with any of them. In a similar light, Prince Harry and Prince William forgive them also for any misgiving intended or otherwise, towards their beloved mother. May Princess Diana’s soul Rest in Eternal Peace and Beauty. ♥️🌹👸

A Letter from Your Late Sister, Princess Margaret, Your Late Husband, Prince Phillip, and Your Daughter, Princess Anne

Princess Margaret Understands Your Role

In the spirit of forgiving, your late sister Princess Margaret also forgives you for any wrong you may have done to her. She understands that none of this was intended to happen and that your ascension to the throne was merely by chance. She may have felt overshadowed and possibly overwhelmed by your role as monarch but forgives and thanks you for supporting her to the extent that you could. The same could be said for your late husband Prince Phillip.

Princess Margaret Understands Your Role
Princess Margaret understands your role and forgives you. May her soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Prince Phillip is at Peace and Loves You Endlessly

He too is in peace knowing that you stayed by his side all this while even when things were rough and he went into misgiving. He hopes that you forgive him for any wrong that he may have done to you over the years and rests happy and appreciative of the love you have shown him. He loves you and is preparing an elegant banquet and castle for you in heaven. May both their souls Rest in Eternal Peace 🕊💐 and we offer you our sincerest condolences.

Prince Phillip is at Peace and Loves You Endlessly
Prince Phillip is at peace and loves you endlessly.

Princess Anne Sends Her Love and Adoration

I must also say that Princess Anne loves you and adores you for being such a wonderful mother. She too forgives you for any misgivings and appreciates your role as a monarch. She would have never wanted another mother but you and will always cherish you for being her beloved mama.

Princess Anne Sends Her Love and Adoration
Princess Anne sends her love and adoration.

That is the reason why she does her best to make you proud always and hopes you see her efforts in that light. The same can be said for Prince Edward.

Queen Elizabeth II and her son Prince Edward
Prince Edward too, does his best to make you proud.

The Question of Prince Andrew: Let Prince Andrew Face the Consequences of His Actions

The question of Prince Andrew is a bitter one, least not due to the unfortunate accusations lodged against him. We would like to believe that they are untrue but are realistic in the possibility that they could be founded on truths. Andrew like any lad may have lost his path but we would like to commend you for punishing him for his alleged actions. Like any man, he deserves punishment if indeed he sexually assaulted or abused anyone.

The Question of Prince Andrew Let Prince Andrew Face the Consequences of His Actions
Let Prince Andrew face the consequences of his actions.

I know this matter is particularly sensitive to you as a mother and monarch and would like to say that it wasn’t your fault and it will never be your fault that any of your children found themselves on the wrong side of the law. You and the sovereign have provided them everything a child would want and at some point, it’s for them to make their own decisions on how to lead their lives and rightfully suffer the consequences of their actions.

Britain’s Colonial Past: Let Bygones be Bygones but Make Amends

In terms of Britain’s colonial past, and as a citizen of a country that was once colonized by Britain, I would like to say that we forgive you. We do forgive Britain for the wrongs and atrocities it committed the world over. However, it would certainly help if amends are made and that the UK continues and commences supporting all its former colonies to ensure the betterment and prosperity of their people.

Our Ancestors are Aggrieved to this Day

My ancestors and all the ancestors of the various colonies are aggrieved to this day by the animosity shown towards them and would like to see more done to ensure that former colonies are well and respectfully apologized to and taken care of. With that said, it would be an honor if you visited all the colonies yourself and expressed your remorse for the atrocities committed. May all our ancestors’ souls Rest in Eternal Peace. 🕊💐

Queen Elizabeth II visiting Britain's former colonies
It would be an honor Your Majesty if you visited all of Britain’s former colonies and issued a formal apology, kindly.

A Formal Apology Could Suffice

Even so, we let bygones be bygones and are slowly healing from the past. We also recognize that it is your ancestors that butchered ours and we rightfully also recognize that they got what was theirs also. An apology from you would settle things and mean a lot to all of us even as it would be you doing your ancestors a favor and calming ours, to avoid a simmering war in the afterlife.

Welcome to Kenya Queen Elizabeth 🇰🇪

I personally welcome you to Kenya, even if not officially, even just for a visit for this is the country where you ascended to the throne. Kenya loves you and we would love for you to grace us with a visit albeit to catch up and spend some time enjoying our beautiful country. You are very welcome. ❤️

Welcome to Kenya Queen Elizabeth II
Welcome to Kenya, Your Majesty!

Your Beloved Majesty, This is a Letter of Love

Your Majesty, this letter is a letter of love and has been written with affection and appreciation. You will always be our queen and we will always love you. We feel that at this point you are within your rights to hand over the button to Charles and enjoy your sunset years in a guiding role. You have respectfully done more than enough for all of us as queen and we eternally appreciate you for that. God bless you Your Majesty and your family, and God bless the world. We love you Your Majesty, always have and always will. You have been a Godsend to all of us and we simply adore you. 😍♥️ Sending you lots of love and light. ❤️💫🌟✨

Yours Sincerely and Lovingly,

Citizens of the World,


David Mania and the People of the World.

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