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Apple’s April 2021 Event: Spring Loaded

Apple’s April 2021 Event, dubbed Spring Loaded, entailed a surprisingly long list of product announcements. Apple introduced some of their finest tech yet, including the long-awaited Airtag, the All-New iMac, a Purple iPhone 12, and an 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro. Apple consistently proves itself to be a global leader in the smartphone market, with sales topping net sales of $274.52 billion in 2020. The company is a behemoth in the gadget and wearables market with consistent product releases and an increasingly powerful product lineup.

We have broken down all the features of all Apple products released during their Spring Loaded Event on Apple’s April 2021 Event Breakdown video. Watch it below.

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The Spring Loaded event finally introduced the long-anticipated Airtags. Airtags are GPS-enabled locator tags that can be attached to an item such as a bag or keys and used to locate it. The tech behind Airtags is not new, but Apple’s spin adds pizzazz to the product. Airtags come with lots of advanced features and have been appreciated as another way Apple is trying to get people to buy in and stay locked within their iOS and Apple devices eco-system.

The tags have seamless connectivity with devices running the new iOS 14.5 in a way that allows your phone to display a graphic arrow pointing to your Airtag when you are near enough, about a few meters away. The iPhone’s Bluetooth, gyrometer, accelerometer, and GPS work in tandem to locate the product through Apple’s ‘Find My’ ecosystem. Find My or Find My iPhone architecture allows users to find lost Apple devices and works by allowing phones to ping other phones near them regardless of whether they are switched off or online. Find My is a handy tool and enhances the overall Apple experience.


On Airtags, Find My allows users to find not only their tags but also help others who have lost their tags find them. Users can set their Airtags to have their contact information linked to them, and when lost, other users can be informed that there is a tag near them and look it up to see the owner’s contact information. The Airtag can then be returned after the finder contacts the owner and lets them know their Airtag has been found.

In terms of security, the Airtags can inform you if an Airtag has consistently followed you, ensuring that the tech is not used to locate others with malicious intent. You could imagine how disastrous it would be if someone slipped an Airtag in your car or bag and used it to locate you. The Airtags are very thin and come in the form and shape of a coin. Apple allows buyers to customize their Airtags and to use emojis for the customization along with words. The Airtag was announced at $29 for one and a package deal of $99 for four tags. Numerous Airtags would be useful for tagging numerous items such as keys, backpacks, and even pets. Get the Airtags here.

Purple iPhone 12

Apple also announced a new Purple iPhone 12 in their Spring Loaded event. The new Purple variant is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, and not the Pro versions. The color is more of a blue than a dark purple but is still mouthwateringly beautiful. Traditionally, Apple releases a Product Red in their March/April events, but this time it was a special Purple. According to analysts, Purple was Steve Job’s favorite color, and the move was a way to pay tribute to the company’s late founder 10 years after his demise. The iPhone 12 itself has not been upgraded, and only the Purple color variant has been introduced. Get the Purple iPhone 12 here.

The Purple iPhone 12
The Purple iPhone 12

All-New iMac

For me, the All-New iMac was the most interesting product announcement in Apple’s April 2021 Event. The All-New iMac is a beautiful reinvention of traditional iMacs that is only 11.5mm thick. The new iMac continues the colorful legacy of iMacs with a new and reinvigorated take on colors and features. Even more impressive is the fact that it has been outfitted with Apple’s powerful M1 chip. The M1 chip is a powerhouse, and having it on a desktop computer makes it all the more fun and powerful.

The All-New iMac
The All-New iMac

The All-New iMac is a product I am super excited to get my hands on because it comes loaded with super impressive features. Its design is futuristic and features 8 beautiful colors. Internally, the All-New iMac is a beast. Apple’s engineers broke the figurative wheel by figuring out how to install the entire motherboard just behind its chin. The iMac’s chin has been criticized, along with its white bezels, but for me, it’s a worthy go-around on looks and aesthetics. The iMac also has seamless connectivity with the iPhone, and users can receive calls using it. Users can copy something on their phone and paste it on their iMac.

The All-New iMac also comes with two new Thunderbolt ports and a magnetic power cable. Users can also buy a new dock that will allow them to connect LAN or ethernet cables on the dock and use the power cable to connect to the iMac. I have broken down all the features of the All-New iMac on Apple’s April 2021 Event Breakdown video, along with feature breakdowns for all the other products Apple announced in their Spring Loaded Event. Watch it above. Get the All-New iMac here.

12.9″ iPad Pro

Apple also announced new 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pros. They come outfitted with the M1 chip, and both have Liquid Retina displays. What interests me most about the new iPad Pros is their new Mini LED technology. Apple found a way to fit 10,000 mini LEDs in the 12.9″ display. Mini LEDs are a new reinvention of LED screen technology. They can be grouped into over 2500 dimming zones to ensure in-depth pixel differentiation and coloring, bringing depth and darker blacks to the iPad Pro’s display. The new 12.9″ iPad Pro comes loaded with a strong set of features and is a definite upgrade.

The biggest feature upgrade was the introduction of XDR to the 12.9″ iPad Pro, termed Liquid Retina XDR Display. This new tech uses Mini LEDs to produce higher contrast and increased brightness of 1000 nits of peak brightness and 1600 nits when playing HDR or High Dynamic Range content. Super Impressive. Interestingly, Apple also announced an all-new white magic keyboard for the iPad Pro, on top of a new magic keyboard for the new iMacs that features TouchID. Overall, connectivity for the new devices has been amped, and users can enjoy cross-editing video and graphics projects on their Pro Display XDR, iPad Pro, and iMac. Get the 12.9″ iPad Pro here.

The iPad Pro 12.9"
The iPad Pro 12.9″

Apple TV 4K

Lastly, Apple introduced the All-New Apple TV 4K. The Apple TV 4K is an upgrade from Apple TV HD and comes with a new and upgraded Siri Remote. Apple TV 4K comes with technology that allows it to adjust its brightness using your phone’s brightness. This features works by placing your phone near the screen and letting your TV scan it, and readjust its brightness. The new Siri Remote also features a new touchpad, and a Siri button moved to the side. Apple TV+ is slowly becoming a contender in the video streaming market and is another way Apple is bringing its tech to your home and household devices. Apple is looking to a future where you live in the Apple ecosystem, with long-standing rumors that the company may introduce an Apple Car in the future. Get the Apple TV 4K here.

The Apple TV 4K
The Apple TV 4K

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